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The Deli Magazine: Spring 2011 Tour Write Up

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Boston-based quartet RIBS are setting off on tour this week, taking their Failure-meets-My Bloody Valentine dreamscape down the East Coast for the first time. The tour currently has 10 scheduled stops, starting on May 5th in Boston and ending on May 14th in Athens, GA.

RIBS has built a reputation across New England for the creativity and clockwork of their light-flooded live shows, making them a go-to choice for local support on national tours including Helmet and Circa Survive.

Reviews described their latest release, the double A-side Locrian Singles as a “double-knockout” – comprised of two “futuristic, star-screaming” singles – showing an evolution from the sneaking post-gaze of the band’s debut EP, British Brains, released last June. RIBS rose to prominence after British Brains became one of Reddit’s top music posts of all time.

The RIBS East Coast Tour will include the following stops:
05.05 – Boston, MA – Great Scott
05.06 – Danbury, CT – Heirloom Arts Theatre
05.07 – Albany, NY – Hudson River Coffee House
05.08 – Brooklyn, NY – The Charleston
05.09 – Baltimore, MD – Sidebar Tavern
05.10 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
05.11 – Greensboro, NC – Pin Ups
05.12 – Asheville, NC – The LAB
05.13 – Atlanta, GA – The Music Room
05.14 – Athens, GA – Rye Bar

–Chrissy Prisco


Ryan’s Smashing Life: RIBS Spring 2011 Tour Coverage

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011


An East Coast Run for RIBS

Words by Nick Parker
Photos by Mark Jenko
New Tour Kickoffs
Thursday 5/5/11 at Great Scott

This Thursday night in Boston you can see a band that tick all these boxes; a band that knows the difference between performing and merely playing their songs, musicians that really commit to every beat of the drum and pluck of the string, and songs with hooks you’ll be singing after the set is over. Since their incendiary (and insanely loud) headline set at the RSL four-year anniversary party a few months ago, RIBS have been busy plotting their next musical take-over. It comes in the form of an East coast tour, and, since we can say they are ours here in Boston before they are anyone else’s, where better to kick that off than at Great Scott.

RIBS are an unashamedly heavy band. In a sea of indie, folk and Americana, they play music that shakes through your ribcage (no pun intended). I’ve read of various more or less strange comparisons (Joy Division?!) – perhaps Deftones is the best parallel with the operatic scale of their semi-metal sound. Either way though, the buzz about his band is worthy, and you can give them a great tour send off this week if you find yourself in the right place at the right time. The rest of the dates on the East Coast spin, follow…

WFNX 101.7FM Talks RIBS On The Breakfast Show

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Fletcher of Boston’s WFNX and Boston Phoenix music editor Michael Marotta talk RIBS, give away a bunch of stuff on-air, and preview our upcoming 5/5 show at Great Scott. They also promise to buy you all screwdrivers.


Hype NC Show Preview: Asheville @ the LAB 5-12-11

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Editor’s Pick: Upcoming RIBS Show In The Boston Phoenix

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

From the Boston Phoenix Spring Preview this week:

RIBS + Lights Resolve + Art Decade

May 5
1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA

Editors Pick

You remember how worked up your mother used to get before your first day of school? Well, that’s how we feel about RIBS as they prepare to unleash their experimental metal all along the East Coast. We ironed their clothes, packed their lunch, and named them one of the 11 bands to watch in 2011. Now, we’ll be there to wish them luck when they launch their tour at Great Scott.


FB event:


Boston Phoenix MP3 of the Week: “Please Don’t Go”

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Perhaps the most famous ribs in Boston last year were the ones Jacoby Ellsbury fractured, ribs that forced the Red Sox outfielder to sit out most of the 2010 season. Now that the Fenway heartthrob is all healed up, 2011’s ribs to watch are of the rock-n-roll variety. One of the louder members of our Class of 2011, RIBS the band are poised for a breakthrough. The anthemic “Please Don’t Go” — one-half of the Locrian Singles, which gets the release treatment tomorrow (January 28) at the Ryan’s Smashing Life 4-year anniversary party at TT The Bear’s — is an almost-industrial gear-grinding stomp-along rock hammer, its brute force skillfully offset by the falsetto of vocalist Keith Freund. A follow-up EP to last year’s sterling British Brains is almost finished, and a tour along the east coast is planned for April. But for now, RIBS are Boston’s treasure, so check them out in Cambridge tomorrow night and grab the mp3 below.


RIBS Named One Of The Boston Herald’s Favorite Upcoming Shows

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

On the upcoming January 28th show:

“But know [if you miss this show] you may be missing the next Hub heroes. RIBS puts a loud Allston spin on English rock from Joy Division to Clinic.”




The Boston Phoenix Calls RIBS “Rock’s Great New Hope”

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

From The Boston Phoenix‘s cover story this week, “Eleven Bands To Watch In 2011:”

Last week, the Village Voice correctly named Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” the Worst Song of 2010 and pretty much declared rock music dead. It’s a sentiment we can get behind, except for this noisy racket we hear coming out of RIBS, a Boston-based quartet who, despite being a bitch to Google, are catching attention with a face-forward rock onslaught that’s already rendered the easy comparisons to Muse and Deftones passé. This month sees the release of Locrian Singles, a one-two punch of futuristic, star-screaming almost-metal that might enable bassist Blake Fusilier to quit his day job at Redbones (hence the band name). Last year, RIBS quietly dropped the cantankerous British Brains EP and shared the stage with Helmet, but this force is getting louder. Rock’s great new hope. NEXT SHOW – January 28 @ T.T. The Bear’s Place, Cambridge




Boston Phoenix: Winter Boston Music Preview 2011

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

RIBS + THE CINNAMON FUZZ | T.T. The Bear’s | January 28 | Those who appreciated the harder edge RIBS brought to Boston’s indie tableau with British Brains are in for more treats: the double A-side Locrian Singles continues the young quartet’s thunderous experimentation with guitar sonics, crafting a pulsating sound that borrows as much from Muse as it does Deftones. The Cinnamon Fuzz bring balance to the bill, countering RIBS’ stomp with their glossy, rock-pop disco dust. Boston’s promising duo is joined by a New York pair: Bridges & Powerlines and Fan-Tan.

10 Brookline St, Cambridge | $10 | 617.492.0082 or




Playground Boston Review – Helmet & Intronaut Show 10/20

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Words and photography by Pete Legasey

“[…] RIBS, the only local outfit on the bill, set the table and showed why they’ve been generating so much momentum in recent months.


Formed by Atlanta transplants and longtime pals Keith Freund and Blake Fusilier, RIBS has earned a steady flow of positive reviews and radio play (both terrestrial and webcast) since releasing their debut album British Brains earlier this year. Far from being the dinner-themed band I imagined them to be when I first heard their name, the group’s moody-but-dynamic brand of atmospheric rock has garnered comparisons with Joy Division, Queens of the Stone Age, and Deftones.

RIBS played an ideal opening set for a chilly October night in the middle of the workweek – far from cheery, but hardly a bummer. This was my first time seeing the guys in concert, and the live setting definitely allows for a much bolder contrast between their moments of murky ambiance and frenzied ruckus. It was those latter moments of chaos that stirred the crowd’s blood to an adequate consistency for the blitzkrieg that awaited. Fusilier’s bass was a much more grisly and battle-ravaged creature than anything that roams the album, and Justin Tolan (reportedly a touted shred prospect before joining RIBS) let his chops fly with a goody-bag of arpeggios, resonant speed picking and rain-soaked chord combos.

Intronaut - Photo Credit: Pete Legasey

Although the two bands could not be mistaken for one another, RIBS and Intronaut struck me as an ideal match in retrospect. Like RIBS, Intronaut’s sound is rooted in the post-metal experimentation of bands like Isis. But whereas RIBS’ style is also informed by a mix of (mostly British) alternative and post-rock elements, Intronaut’s deviations take us in a brazenly hellish direction, falling much more in line with Mastodon than Muse….”