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Video: Great Scott 5/5/11 – Allston, MA

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Video by Kannica Phim

Boston Phoenix: Great Scott 5/5 Show Review

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Whereas most bands nurse hangovers on Saturday mornings, the dudes in RIBS spent the one before their tour kickoff party at Home Depot, wandering the tall aisles of suburban fix-it wonderland in search of multi-colored floodlights and thin, four-foot-long fluorescent bulbs.

The result of this shopping spree was a dizzying display of radiant visuals May 5 at Great Scott, with RIBS kicking off a 10-date East Coast trek on Cinco de Mayo. Aside from the constant threat of Patrón shots at the bar, the night featured nary a nod to the feels-kinda-racist Mexican holiday. I mean, who has time for faux sombreros and worms tickling the throats of drunken Allstonian college students when there’s a debut tour to launch?

Since being featured in our Class of 2011 local-music package in January, RIBS have established themselves as a powerful force on the Boston music circuit, paving an uneasy middle ground between our indie and metal scenes through sharp, pulsating electo-industrial rips that make a greater impact on stage. Awash in red, blue, and glaring hospital-room whites that visually sterilized the Great Scott crowd (in perhaps an unflattering glare), firecracker tracks “Please Don’t Go” and “Even” screamed out from the shadows like the soundtrack to a hazy Ketamine trip at the late-night planetarium.

The whole experience was almost too much for a mid-sized rock club like Great Scott, with rows of bright lights stretching along the walls and ceiling back toward the soundbooth and bar area. New enough to be nominated for Best New Act in this year’s Best Music Poll, RIBS are just screaming for larger stages and higher ceilings. Currently lost somewhere in the Carolinas shining a blinding strobe on Southern showgoers, they’re a band worth getting excited about.

Upon returning home next week, RIBS hope to start recording Russian Blood, the follow-up to January’s Locrian Singles. The glare promises to shine even brighter.


RVA Mag Show Preview: RIBS at Strange Matter in Richmond, VA 5/10/11

Monday, May 9th, 2011

On Tuesday May 10th, Strange Matter will host a show that will feature Historic, Ear Theory, RIBS, and Collen Applegate. I had the chance to catch up with three of the members of RIBS, a Boston-based band who is playing in Richmond for the very first time. Y’all make them feel welcome, ya hear?

RIBS is Keith Freund on vocals and guitar, Blake Fusilier on bass and vocals, Justin Tolan on guitar, and Chris Oquist on drums. Keith and Blake grew up in Atlanta, and then transferred to Boston for school at Boston University. They heard about a “shred guitar prodigy” by the name of Justin Tolan who was, incidentally, also from Atlanta. Talk about fate. Keith and Blake weren’t to meet Justin, however, until Keith responded to a “band wanted” ad that listed Radiohead, Muse, and Aphex Twin as influences. As it turns out, it was Justin’s ad, and the two became three. A little later, drummer Chris Oquist joined the band and they started making music together. Now they are a band on the move, nominated for The Boston Phoenix/WFNX Best Music Poll and named one of The Boston Phoenix’s Eleven Bands to Watch in 2011.

Enough bio stuff. Let’s get to the interview.

OK guys – what the heck does RIBS stand for? Why the mysterious capitalization?

It’s a well-kept secret.

Then you won’t mind if I make something up for all those curious Richmonders?

Have at it. [Note: I have a dirty mind, so none of the suggestions I have are safe for work, nor germane to the band’s style, so I shall refrain.]

I’ve read about how you guys met and how the band started, so I’ll skip those questions and go to my number one favorite question I love to ask musicians. What was your FIRST favorite album?

Keith: Beach Boys, Greatest Hits.

Keith, I’ve read that many of your musical influences haven’t made their way into your music thus far. Do you see the Beach Boys making into your repertoire somehow?

Keith: [chuckle] Not any time soon.

Blake: Outkast, ATLiens. I really didn’t start LISTENING to music until I was a teenager.

Keith: When I was a kid I listened to oldies with my parents. After that, radio rap and other stuff. I developed my own taste later.

[Justin enters the room. We had just been talking about whether the band had ever played RVA before (answer is NO, as mentioned earlier), and Justin chimes in that he has been in Richmond before – for a flood. He tells me he rode down the street in an innertube. I share with him the hope that he does not bring a flood with him this time. He echoes this sentiment, not commenting on the implication that he might have the power to control the weather. He then answers my favorite first album question.]

Justin: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins. I was seven years old and my sister had been listening to the album and didn’t want it anymore. I loved it, but my parents went through with a sharpie and marked out the eff words in the liner notes.


The Deli Magazine: Spring 2011 Tour Write Up

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Boston-based quartet RIBS are setting off on tour this week, taking their Failure-meets-My Bloody Valentine dreamscape down the East Coast for the first time. The tour currently has 10 scheduled stops, starting on May 5th in Boston and ending on May 14th in Athens, GA.

RIBS has built a reputation across New England for the creativity and clockwork of their light-flooded live shows, making them a go-to choice for local support on national tours including Helmet and Circa Survive.

Reviews described their latest release, the double A-side Locrian Singles as a “double-knockout” – comprised of two “futuristic, star-screaming” singles – showing an evolution from the sneaking post-gaze of the band’s debut EP, British Brains, released last June. RIBS rose to prominence after British Brains became one of Reddit’s top music posts of all time.

The RIBS East Coast Tour will include the following stops:
05.05 – Boston, MA – Great Scott
05.06 – Danbury, CT – Heirloom Arts Theatre
05.07 – Albany, NY – Hudson River Coffee House
05.08 – Brooklyn, NY – The Charleston
05.09 – Baltimore, MD – Sidebar Tavern
05.10 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
05.11 – Greensboro, NC – Pin Ups
05.12 – Asheville, NC – The LAB
05.13 – Atlanta, GA – The Music Room
05.14 – Athens, GA – Rye Bar

–Chrissy Prisco


Ryan’s Smashing Life: RIBS Spring 2011 Tour Coverage

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011


An East Coast Run for RIBS

Words by Nick Parker
Photos by Mark Jenko
New Tour Kickoffs
Thursday 5/5/11 at Great Scott

This Thursday night in Boston you can see a band that tick all these boxes; a band that knows the difference between performing and merely playing their songs, musicians that really commit to every beat of the drum and pluck of the string, and songs with hooks you’ll be singing after the set is over. Since their incendiary (and insanely loud) headline set at the RSL four-year anniversary party a few months ago, RIBS have been busy plotting their next musical take-over. It comes in the form of an East coast tour, and, since we can say they are ours here in Boston before they are anyone else’s, where better to kick that off than at Great Scott.

RIBS are an unashamedly heavy band. In a sea of indie, folk and Americana, they play music that shakes through your ribcage (no pun intended). I’ve read of various more or less strange comparisons (Joy Division?!) – perhaps Deftones is the best parallel with the operatic scale of their semi-metal sound. Either way though, the buzz about his band is worthy, and you can give them a great tour send off this week if you find yourself in the right place at the right time. The rest of the dates on the East Coast spin, follow…

The Limited Edition Brains Out Tee

Monday, April 11th, 2011

The first ever RIBS shirt is here. We’re printing a super-limited run of these to fund our East Coast Tour [via cold hard ca$h]. There will only be 100 of these puppies made, like, ever.

RIBS band tee shirt.

Printed on super soft, ultra comfortable Poly-Cotton blend heather black American Apparel 50/50 shirts. Get them here.

About the design:

This shirt is a visual rendering of “Brains Out.” With the help of IBUILDWORLDS (of British Brains artwork fame), we built a program that turns music into a visual using the frequency and amplitude of a sound file. We ran the audio for the song through a wireframe skull and this design is the result.