1992 is here.

June 21st, 2019  /  RIBS

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RIBS logo with static, jagged thin lines, with dull rainbow colors

The letter V (Vanyaland logo) Vanyaland: RIBS soundtrack our swan dive into societal dystopia with the massive ‘1992’:

Today (June 21), as we begin our swan dive into societal dystopia, RIBS (finally) resurface with “1992”, a monster new single of mechanical wonder that serves as an assertive, if not outright menacing, return to our collective waking daydreams. The track was produced and engineered by Ayad Al Adhamy in New York City, and it’s entire 4:33 runtime is a thrashing torrent of post-industrial guitar-rock that swirls around RIBS’ uncanny ability to create sinister sounds that also, somehow, feel so warm and comforting at its core.

What a wait.

But what a return.

More press for “1992”: