Ryan’s Smashing Life: “One Of The Most Outstanding New Acts In Boston”

September 7th, 2010  /  RIBS
Write-up from Ryan’s Smashing Life:
MAKING NOISE – One of the most outstanding new acts in Boston right now, RIBS have an overtly British subcontext. That may win a number of hearts and minds today, but where this band excels is proofed by their music. The bits of dissonant, the distinctively emotive tone – beautiful chaos really, is somehow kept in check on “Even” above. The cerebral and the raw stacked side by side; it’s a clever draw for listeners. The songs often descend progressively with guitars wailing only to come into steep ascension lead by drums and bass. It’s the possibly of being dangled upside down, musically, that keeps listeners sharp.
The kids are going to like what this band is cooking. RIBS is Keith Freund, Blake Fusilier, Justin Tolan, and Chris Oquist. The four are making music here that defines spaces and challenges our traditional song concept. Find out what RIBS Rock is all about tonight if you’re in town. If you’re reading this, set your sights on this band, something is definitely happening here.
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