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CMJ Showcase: Outlaw Roadshow 10/19/12 @ Bowery Electric (NYC)

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Ryan’s Smashing Life & Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows present:

NYC: Friday 10/19/12 @ Bowery Electric – Outlaw Road Show (CMJ)

  • Presented by Ryan’s Smashing Life & Adam Duritz of Counting Crows
  • FREE, RSVP required:
  • RIBS set at 3 PM
  • Arrive early or risk not getting in. From presenters: “They should not plan to walk in 20 minutes before your set and get right in. We will be full.”
  • More at

Ryan’s Smashing Life: Great Scott Review 5/5/11

Monday, May 9th, 2011

“With a bizarre and unique system of neon strip-lights, that stretched far from the stage and pulsed with each drum beat, RlBS demonstrated tonight that for a band to have a chance to really blow up they must go beyond simply addictive music. These days you must, like the light show, project so powerfully that your success seems inevitable. RIBS started their tour like this, this evening at Great Scott, and from here they’ll go far.”

Photo: Mark Jenko


Ryan’s Smashing Life: RIBS Spring 2011 Tour Coverage

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011


An East Coast Run for RIBS

Words by Nick Parker
Photos by Mark Jenko
New Tour Kickoffs
Thursday 5/5/11 at Great Scott

This Thursday night in Boston you can see a band that tick all these boxes; a band that knows the difference between performing and merely playing their songs, musicians that really commit to every beat of the drum and pluck of the string, and songs with hooks you’ll be singing after the set is over. Since their incendiary (and insanely loud) headline set at the RSL four-year anniversary party a few months ago, RIBS have been busy plotting their next musical take-over. It comes in the form of an East coast tour, and, since we can say they are ours here in Boston before they are anyone else’s, where better to kick that off than at Great Scott.

RIBS are an unashamedly heavy band. In a sea of indie, folk and Americana, they play music that shakes through your ribcage (no pun intended). I’ve read of various more or less strange comparisons (Joy Division?!) – perhaps Deftones is the best parallel with the operatic scale of their semi-metal sound. Either way though, the buzz about his band is worthy, and you can give them a great tour send off this week if you find yourself in the right place at the right time. The rest of the dates on the East Coast spin, follow…

Ryan’s Smashing Life 4th Anniversary Show With The Cinnamon Fuzz

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

From the Facebook event:

“What a year 2010 has been! Please join us in wrapping the old and celebrating the new. It’s a FRIDAY night in Cambridge and all your friends should join us for FOUR LIVE BANDS I LOVE.


RIBS – Midnight

Bridges and Powerlines – 11pm

The Cinnamon Fuzz – 10pm

Fan-Tan – 9pm

Ryan’s Smashing Life 4-Year Anniversary Party
presents at TT the Bears Cambridge
Friday, January 28th 18+ $10

poster art by Boston’s hella talented Tom Gallo.
you can find his stuff at TomGallo.Org”

Ryan’s Smashing Life: “One Of The Most Outstanding New Acts In Boston”

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
Write-up from Ryan’s Smashing Life:
MAKING NOISE – One of the most outstanding new acts in Boston right now, RIBS have an overtly British subcontext. That may win a number of hearts and minds today, but where this band excels is proofed by their music. The bits of dissonant, the distinctively emotive tone – beautiful chaos really, is somehow kept in check on “Even” above. The cerebral and the raw stacked side by side; it’s a clever draw for listeners. The songs often descend progressively with guitars wailing only to come into steep ascension lead by drums and bass. It’s the possibly of being dangled upside down, musically, that keeps listeners sharp.
The kids are going to like what this band is cooking. RIBS is Keith Freund, Blake Fusilier, Justin Tolan, and Chris Oquist. The four are making music here that defines spaces and challenges our traditional song concept. Find out what RIBS Rock is all about tonight if you’re in town. If you’re reading this, set your sights on this band, something is definitely happening here.
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