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RIBS Nominated For Best New Act In Boston Phoenix’s Best Music Poll

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Someone upstairs must really love us. And by upstairs we mean the Boston Phoenix headquarters. (We live on the first floor, they’re on the 3rd. Awkward, I know…) Anyway, we’re nominated for this thing, and you can vote once per day for the next six weeks. Which is good because we’re not known for our performances on odd-numbered days. Just sayin.

Note: you’ve also gotta click “cast your ballot” after hitting “submit vote.”

P.S. Speaking of awkward, thanks for pitting us against our friends the Dirty Dishes Phoenix. Way to facilitate lasting friendships…

Bostonist Show Preview: Wadzilla Mansion w/ Dirty Dishes & Bloody Knives

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

“RIBS the band may be mostly reddit nerds, but the hard rock group can still serve up a searing steak… er, live music performance. After enduring endless puns about the suitability of its name for a rock barbecue, RIBS has decided to host just that, assembling the equally appropriately named (and dark rock inclined) Dirty Dishes and Bloody Knives to round out the musical menu. Wadzilla Mansion will play hardcore host to this grungy barbecue, where RIBS’ dark-glam melodies will mingle with Dirty Dishes’ slick riffs and gorgeous vocals to make a substantial sonic meal, topped off with Bloody Knives’ muddled electro-static wanderings. The food precedes the sounds, so show up early for a chance to nosh on real ‘cue prior to filling your ears with musical sustenance.”


Bands & Barbeque Show (Boston)

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

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“You guys should totally have barbeque ribs at your show, LOL”
-Everyone ever


BBQ: 2-4PM // BANDS: 4-7PM // 18+ // $5

At Wadzilla Mansion:
12 Wadsworth St
Allston MA, 02134In honor of our dear internet friends BLOODY KNIVES coming up from Austin, TX, we decided to put our band name where our mouth is and have a barbeque. You won’t want to miss this momentous opportunity to make terrible food-related puns all afternoon.

RIBS & Dirty Dishes on MIT Radio.

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Our friends Dirty Dishes* did a live set on WMBR 88.1 FM and reported that the station started playing our song “Silencer” immediately after their set, unbeknownst to either of us. The heavens must be smiling upon our July 25th Boston show with them (official announcement coming soon).

  • Dirty Dishes live set @ 1:07:20
  • “Silencer” @ 1:44:40

*No really, they’re literally our actual real-life friends, not like in the “every band we play with magically becomes our friends” sense.