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Live Shots from Great Scott 4.22

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

While the volcanic ash wreaked havoc on touring plans worldwide, the audience at Boston’s Great Scott got all they hoped for as RIBS took matters into their own hands last Thursday night…

Live Shots From BU Central Show (March 2010)

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Photos from Boston University’s BU Central venue (March 2010):

RIBS Featured in Playground Boston and

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Check out these two articles previewing our show at Church of Boston this Sunday, January 17th:

Playground Boston’s Weekend Picks 1/14-1/17
RIBS has a very cool sound… The dark combination of vocals and frantic guitars enable their sound to jump from a Death From Above 1979 to a fast-paced, much less depressing Joy Division. They’ll be joined on the bill by Art Decade, with an experimental style that PGB Staffer Nick Grieco describes as “The Mars Volta and Rx Bandits had a baby named Frank Zappa, who grew up listening to The Fall of Troy and Damiera.” If that sounds like your style, check these guys out. One more thing about this show – its cheap!

Boston acts RIBS, Art Decade, and Nooka Jones join NYC’s Ultra Violent Lights at Church on Sunday
Some of our friends have a show at Church on Sunday. No, it’s not a worship service. RIBS will join Berklee’s Art Decade, Boston University’s Nooka Jones, and New York City’s Ultra Violent lights for a night of mayhem at the Church of Boston music venue Sunday night. The band has a lot of new material as they’re about to release their first EP, British Brains. It’s also the first show in which RIBS’ new drummer Chris Oquist will perform.

Thanks to Playground Boston and OnAFriday!